MasterDynamix launches - the new generation of IT schools

      MasterDynamix launches - the new generation of IT schools

      November brings great news to young Ukrainian talents that want to dedicate their professional life to the Tech world! At the beginning of this month MasterDynamix company has partnered with the US company Qwasar Silicon Valley in order to launch several educational IT programs in Ukraine. 

      TechMission is the next step in online education. It was developed by tech professionals from Qwasar and it will make pro-level employees from students. A powerful LMS will guide through the educational process and help you choose your path in becoming Full-stack Developer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer or AI/Machine Learning Engineer. Forget about boring lectures and classes, your learning will be fun and challenging! 

      During their course, all students will: 

      1. Work remotely and independently from any schedules
      2. Have their own account and working cabinet that will track their progress
      3. Challenge real-life tasks&projects
      4. Work both individually and in the team
      5. Learn how to write clean and comprehensive code that will meet the Silicon Valley coding standards
      6. Review the code of their fellows and be reviewed
      7. Have access to international community of students and graduates 

      Interested in partnership or in passing the course? Contact us at or fill the form at TechMission website